Snowbirds 2005

Sorry for the long delay in getting news from Florida, but as you know seniors are all so busy they do not know how they got one what they did while they were working. Ha. Actually I procrastinate a lot and put off till tomorrow what I should have done today. I have been doing some flying here in Zephyrhills, but the past week the temperatures have been in the low 40′s in the mornings and that is to cold to fly. Also we have had some high cross winds 15-20 mph making flying a little more challenging. When it blows your hat off, it is time to pack up and go home. When hovering, the plane ends up almost across the flight line as soon as it gets airborne.

Ray, I am sure using your transmitter mitten was more comfortable than using it at the field when the temperature is below freezing with a – 0 wind chill. But don’t give up hope, spring is just around the corner. ( very large block). We plan on returning back to Michigan late April or early May if the snow has stopped for the season. I hope to make the transition of flying in Florida and flying in Michigan as quickly as possible.

At the present I am flying the Dazzler, Twist, Ultra Stick 60, Easysport 60, and Kaos 40. I will try to remember to insert a picture I took of the planes outdoor while I was cleaning the hangar. I just purchased a “Burrito” profile plane kit. It is made in Tennessee by a profile flyer and is claimed to be one of the best planes to learn 3D. I really need all the help I can get when learning to fly. Ha. So far I have the wings glued up and off the building board.

My wife and myself are leaving on a cruise Thursday so that will put a crimp in the building and flying for about 10 days. The only thing good about the cruise is that will give me time to read in more detail my magazines and to lounge in warmer temperatures. The cruise is down around Jamaica and hopefully the cold fronts don’t make it that far. To bad they don’t allow RC flying from the ship. That would allow me to fly where I will never get a chance to fly and probably wouldn’t want to either.

We had a Midland Modelers get together here at our place Monday. Phil Heaps and his wife Linda, Jim Pozenel and his wife Cindy visited us here in Zephyrhills . Us guys went flying and the girls went shopping. I am not sure who had the most fun. It was about 55 degrees and the wind was blowing 10 mph gusting to 18 mph. Phil and Jim were flying their Ultrastick 40′s and I flew the Ultrastick 60. After about 3 hours we packed it in and came home to a great dinner the girls had prepared. Every one had a good time and hope to get together a gain soon. Also I met Jim Pozenel and Al Quick at a field in Mulberry. Mulberry is a little town south of Lakeland. This field has a East-West and a Northeast-Southwest paved strip. That was the first time I flew off hard surface since I left Midland. It sure is different than grass. We had a great time and plan on rotating fields each month. Next month I will host the Zephyrhills field. If any of the Midland group would like to join us please let me know. It will be February 21st.

I have to mow the lawn and rake a few leaves before we go on the cruise so I had better get with it. Have a great week and please pass along our hellos to the fellow flyers.