Flying Field

Our new flying field is located on at 200 Patterson Road between Ashby Road and Pine River Road (west of Poseyville Road) on the south side of the city of Midland. This is a beautiful facility with paved and grass runways, shelter with electricity, and camping sites. The flying field is easy to access from Business Route 10 or M20, turning south on Poseyville Road. Please refer to the map below.

map to field

view of field

Midland RC Modelers Club Flying Field Regulations

A. All applicable AMA, FCC and MRCM club rules apply to all pilots and spectators.

B. This field is for use of only Midland Radio Control Modelers Club members and their guests who are current AMA members.  A MRCM club member must be present and is responsible for their guests at the field.

C. Spectators and children must remain behind the cedar fence and are not allowed in the pit area unless accompanied by a club member.

D. All members and guests not certified as “pilot” may fly only with guidance and help of a MRCM club recognized instructor.

E. No flying behind the pilot line, over the pits, over the spectator area, or over the parking area.

F. No flying over the Dow landfill.  Do not trespass on Dow property.  Call Dow security (636-1000) if assistance is needed.

G. No flying during mowing of any part of the flying field

H. No taxiing or hovering in the pit area.

I. All transmitters must meet current FCC standards.

J. All transmitters must be placed in the impound area with antenna collapsed and switch off when not in use.

K. Pilots must have the proper frequency control pin during all operations with the transmitter.  The pilot’s current AMA membership card shall be placed on the frequency board.  Pin use will be limited to 20 minutes and rotated amongst pilots when more than one pilot wishes to use a frequency.

L. Courtesy will prevail at the pilot line, pit area and spectator area.

M. Practice good housekeeping at all times.

N. All RC engines 0.05 c.i. and larger are required to have a muffler.

O. Model aircraft will yield to full-scale aircraft at all times.

P. All cars must be parked in the designated parking area.

Q. Alcohol is not allowed at the flying field and smoking is prohibited in the pits and at the flight line.

Sound Limit:

  •  All model aircraft must meet a sound limit of 86dB at 25 feet in order to fly at the MRCMC field.
  •  The aircraft must be tested by a board member, or flight instructor with the results documented in the noise log book.
  •  No one can test his or her own aircraft.
  •  Aircraft powered by glow engines with factory stock mufflers are exempt from testing.  Electric aircraft and gliders are also exempt from this testing.
  •  Only after an aircraft has been successfully tested by an authorized person, and the results documented in the log book, can it be flown at the field (unless exempted by rules above).

Flight Hours:

  •  Monday thru Saturday:  9:00AM – 8:30 PM for aircraft powered by internal combustion engines.
  •  Sunday: 10:00AM – 6:00 PM for aircraft powered by internal combustion engines.  Field closes at 6:00 PM for all activities.

Flight Line:

  •  No flying southwest of the flight line.
  •  Try to fly east of Patterson road as much as possible.

Camping Rules:

  1. Only self-contained camping units are alowed
  2. No children under the age of 16 are allowed to camp
  3. Campers must be members of the Midland R/C Club or guests of the club
  4. No campfires allowed
  5. No alcohol allowed
  6. The campground is not to be used for the storage of RV units