Midland RC ClubWelcome to the Midland RC Modelers website! Our club is dedicated to flying radio controlled model aircraft and sharing our hobby with others. The club currently has approximately 70 members of all ages. Many of our members are active flyers and one or more of our members can usually be found at the field when the weather is good.  We find that aeromodeling is much more fun when we share it with others, and look forward to seeing our friends at the flying field.   We are dedicated to teaching others the joys of aeromodeling.  The club has an active instructor program where certified instructors are paired with student pilots.   This partnership continues untill the student has earned his wings and can safely and comfortably fly on his own.   Our club has monthly membership meetings which we invite you to visit.  If you are already an AMA member, we invite you to visit our beautiful flying field and fly with us when members are present.  A map directing you to our flying field is located in the “Flying Field” tab above.

Our club operates within the guidelines established by the Academy of Model Aeronautics. Membership in the AMA is required to fly at our field.   The Academy requires all members and guests to adhere to strict rules of conduct while on club property.  These rules include guidelines covering safety, noise generation, and model size.  Club rules prohibit flying after dusk, the use of alcoholic beverages, or using the field for purposes other than flying.  The academy also provides us with liability insurance covering any damage which could be caused in the event of an accident.

If you would like more information about our club we invite you to contact one of our officers:

Chad Winslow   president@midlandrc.org
Vice Pres.
Ken McNurlen  vicepresident@midlandrc.org
Karl Eckerle
Rec. Sec’y
Greg Gavit
Corr. Sec’y
Jerry Hahnfeld
Mike Nentwig
 Dave Hundley trustee2@midlandrc.org
Dennis Albee  trustee3@midlandrc.org