2004 Mall Show

This years MRCMC Midland Mall show seems to have been a success again. In addition to a number of devoted club members making themselves available to answer questions from the visitors, we were lucky to have a number of members from the Gladwin club on hand to help out and also supply quite a few of their aircraft for display.

All totaled, there were about 58 R/C models on hand, including two boats and a truck. About 16 of the models were electric powered, including 5 of those notorious ZAGI’s.

5 helicopters were on hand for those that like their wings to be moveable!

And we had a number of Cubs on display, from a 1/3 scale down to about a 1/8 scale. Only two gliders showed up (perhaps due to the fantastic flying weather outside?) but more than 18 Scale and Semi-Scale aircraft were on display.

There was no doubt that the real attraction was the 46% biplane that Jack Servis had just finished assembling and will fly in the next couple of weeks.